211 is a free, confidential information and referral service that can connect you to thousands of programs and services offered by local community groups, nonprofits and government departments across Nova Scotia. It is available throughout the province – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – by dialing “2-1-1” to speak to a helpful staff member, by searching the easy-to-use online database at www.ns.211.ca or texting 211.

211 strives to be accessible to all members of the community by reducing or eliminating barriers posed by language, location, physical impairment, social circumstance, or other factors. The service works to achieve this goal by providing multi-lingual access to information and referral through both a hearing-impaired accessible phone number and a website.

The 211 call centre is staffed with Information and Referral Specialists who are fully trained to deal with the most complex and sensitive questions and how to get to the real issue affecting a caller.

Annual Reports can be found at http://ns211.ca/blog/annual-reports/

The service helps Nova Scotians by reducing the frustration of trying to find the right community or social resource across multiple sources. In turn, it allows those same organizations and government agencies to rely on highly-trained 211 staff to handle inquiries they might once have had to spend valuable time assessing and redirecting. It will also allow them to quickly direct people to services that are outside of their organization’s scope or area of expertise, and possibly connect with other service providers whose goals and mandates complement their own.

The end result is a collaborative system that will continually evolve to meet the needs of Nova Scotians as they look for help in their communities.


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