Engage with 211

Engage with 211 Nova Scotia

Engage with 211 Nova Scotia and help us spread the word about our service! If you would like to promote 211 Nova Scotia in your community, the following items below are available to download. Looking for something specific? Contact us through help@ns.211.ca.

211 Nova Scotia Toolkit

Become a 211 champion! Help us spread awareness about 211 Nova Scotia and how we can help Nova Scotians get the support they need. The 211 Nova Scotia toolkit includes key messaging, facts about 211, social media captions, and more. Download our 211 Nova Scotia toolkit, and our graphics for social media use, below.

211 Nova Scotia Promotional Materials

Our downloadable promotional materials are a great way to share information about 211 Nova Scotia and our service. Download and print our rack cards and referral cards to hand out to members in your community or at an event. Print off our posters to hang up in your local community centre. We also have one-pagers available below to download and print for specific groups. Engage with 211 Nova Scotia and share how 211 Nova Scotia can help better the lives of Nova Scotians.

Rack Cards

REferral Cards

Annual report:

Book a Presentation

To request a presentation, call 211 or email help@ns.211.ca

Careers at 211NS

For more information:

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