Search FAQs

211 Nova Scotia’s resource database can be accessed through this website. Users can search using the keyword search or topic search. Please note that some records are not publically available and are only accessible by our Community Resource Navigators. If you are not finding the information you need, please contact us.


You may populate your location using your browser settings by clicking on the arrow next to the location field. You may also enter or change to a different location. A location is necessary to retrieve relevant results. Valid locations include counties, towns, cities, postal codes or street addresses.

Keyword Search

Enter your keywords or key phrase to search. Suggestions will appear as you begin typing. You may enter your keywords enclosed in quotes for exact matches.

Topic Search

The list of categories and topics is intended to make finding resources easier. Click on a topic category then click on “View Resources” below each subtopic to view the results.

Search Results

Once you have searched using a keyword or selected a topic, the search results page will appear. By default, results are sorted by the most relevant first. You can view the results on a map by clicking on the “Map” button above the results.

Using the Map

Use the map to easily see where services are located. To search using the map, enter a location and click/tap on “Set.” Then enter keywords or select a topic from the list. Results will appear on the map.

Using the Clipboard

The clipboard allows you to save a custom list of records. Once created you can share the clipboard.